Helix Instrumental Music Association (HIMA)



The Helix Instrumental Music Association 501(c)(3) is an organization made up of caring Helix Instrumental Music Program parents who value and support this nationally recognized music program.

The organization encompasses and financially supports the many performing groups programs.

It was established to assist Helix Charter High School in maintaining instrumental music program at the highest possible quality. 

To assist the Instrumental Music staff and students by all means possible, achieve the highest of music educational excellence and encourage, stimulate and promote enthusiastic support in the community for the Helix Instrumental Music Program. 

HIMA keeps this outstanding tradition alive year after year, with their undying support. They supports this music program not because they have to, but because they want this outstanding music program for their children!

HIMA supports the program by raising funds through parent donations and fundraising activities to cover the costs of running our first class program. The Foundation pay for additional:

  • Music Coaches/Clinicians/program staff
  • Instrument/Equipment Purchases
  • New Music Music
  • Instrument Repair
  • Music Department Fees
  • Some Transportation Cost
  • Festival & Tournament Fees

HIMA must raise each year, funds to maintain our program as one of the finest high school music programs in the country.

In order to meet this huge financial commitment, all parents are encouraged to join and work together as members of the Helix Instruemtnal Music Asoociation.

It is said that the parents have more fun working together than the students do and this is a great organization to meet other parents that want to see their students achieve great things.

The more parents that become involved in the program, the less each individual has to do and so the time commitment is easier for all.

All parents are encouraged to attend the Foundation meetings which occur the 1st Wednesday of every month during the school year at 7:30 PM in the music building and find out how you can join and help keep our great tradition going strong. HIMA also has several committees that need chairpersons and volunteers to run the different fundraisers and events throughout the year. Your student’s high school years will go by in a flash, involvement in the Foundation is a great way to spend these final public school years with your student and be an active participant of their high school music education.




As Members of the Helix Instrumental Music Association, we pledge to pursue excellence and a higher level of education through musical education in the performing arts.  We encourage the development of musical talents, inspire the community, support the arts and promote social unity by helping the students perform to the best of our abilities.

Welcome To the Family Class of 2020

We are so glad you have decided to join the pride of La Mesa and become part of the on going history of excellence. The Helix Instrumental Music Program has a rich history within the community and has graduated some very impressive alumni. We are so excited and look forward to seeing where you help take the program these next four years! Students and families, we encourgage you to get plugged in and get involved! Make sure you sign up for our email list.